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Welcome to the Beanie Boo WikiEdit

Beanie boos are super cute, and are adorable little fluffy animals with the cutest eyes ever. The eyes can be sparkly, with a background color, or normal. But normal eyed Beanie boos are rarer. Whatever they are, they are so CUTE!!! Also, this Wikipedia is a WIP (Work in progress), so it would be great if you helped out. If you know of a beanie boo that isn't on here, just click contribute, add page, and help build The Beanie Boo Wiki.

What are Beanie boos?Edit

Beanie Boos are beautiful plush toys with big eyes.  They are created by TY Warner (TY) and they can come in 4 different sizes.  In this Wiki you will find everything Beanie Boos, so sit back and relax while you read about these adorable plushies. They can be found in stores like Mastermind toys, Chapter, Indigo,etc. So, don't forget to buy one of these plushies!

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    Comment: i have tabitha she is adorbs
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    New page: Leona is a green and blue leoperd. She has green eyes (sparkly) and a long tail. The green is light, and the blue is turquoise.
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    New page: Tabitha is a Beanie Boo kitty. She is striped with two different cream colors, one lighter and one darker. She has light pink eyes (sparkly). She has...
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    New page: Cinder is a Beanie Boo dragon. He has green skin and shiny dots all over him. He has sparkly purple eyes, which are partly covered by some skin. He...

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